Yu Jae Seok
MaleCast, Host1972-08-12178cmSouth Korea
Yu Jae Seok was born on August 14, 1972. In 1991, he entered the industry by participating in the KBS "College Student Gag Competition" and singing "Step By Step" by New Kids On The Block. He studied at the Korea National University of Arts for 4 years, but ultimately did not graduate due to his busy schedule as a host. In 2000, he joined the Korean celebrity baseball team "Han" and played as an outfielder. In December 2005, he officially joined DY Entertainment. He has almost no Anti Fans and has a good reputation among his fellow artists. There are very few cases in the entertainment industry where someone has almost no Anti Fans. He won over everyone with a clear mind, humorous speech, and an effortless hosting style. Humorous, cute, approachable, and talented, he is a popular national MC in South Korea, and together with Kang Hodong, he is known as the two major star hosts in the entertainment world.