Vic Chou
Vic Chou is an actor and singer from Taiwan and also a member of F4. In 2001, he first showed his talents to the public through the role of Huaze Lei in the idol drama "Meteor Garden." In 2009, he was successful in his role as Chen Zaitian in the drama "Black & White" and was nominated for Best Actor at the 44th Golden Bell Awards in Taiwan. After playing the lead role in the movie "Linger" in 2008, he started appearing more on the big screen. In 2011, he won the Audience Award with the movie "Love You 10,000 Years" at the Osaka Asian Film Festival. In 2013, Vic Chou won Best Actor at the 48th Golden Bell Awards in Taiwan for his performance in the drama "Home." On November 11, 2014, his movie "Don't Go Breaking My Heart 2" premiered. In 2015, he starred in "Detective Gui," a movie directed by Oxide Pang. He also played lead roles in the palace harem drama "Beauties in the Closet" and the crime action film "S Storm."
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