Peter Ho,Run-dong He,Yun-tung Ho
MaleCast, Singer1975-09-12186cmUnited States, Chinese Mainland
Peter Ho,Run-dong He,Yun-tung Ho initially debuted as a model, and became famous due to a TV advertisement titled "HeySong Sarsaparilla - Reporter Version", where he played the role of a photographer for Eastern Broadcasting Company. In 1998, he released his first music album in Taiwan and later went to Hong Kong to develop his career. Although he attracted a lot of attention, he never went viral. After encountering a bottleneck in his career as a singer, he turned to the film industry and received a roaring response, becoming a popular A-list young artist. His predominantly focused on mainland China, and also achieved good results in the first trial in Japan. In 2009, he was also a producer for the first time for the series “Summer Desire” he starred in. Now he is an artist well-known for both his looks and performing skills, who has developed his career in the multiple industries of film, television, and music.