Ni Ni
FemaleCast1988-08-08170cmChinese Mainland
Ni Ni, born in Nanjing on August 8, 1988, graduated from the Language Communication Department of Nanguang College, Communication University of China, and is a film and television actress in Mainland China. In 2011, she entered the entertainment industry for her role as the heroine Yumo in the literary film "Jinling Thirteen Hairpins", and won many awards such as Best New Actor at the Sixth Asian Film Awards[1]. In January 2013, Angelababy, Yang Mi and Liu Shishi were rated as the new "Four Little Flowers" in the Mainland, and then starred in the romance movie "I Want to Be Good with You" and the healing movie "Waiting for the Wind". In 2014, she starred in the campus romance movie "The Year in a Hurry" which achieved a box office of 590 million yuan. In the same year, Ni Ni became the first "Reading Star Ambassador" awarded by the 9th Chinese Writers List. In 2015, starring in the romantic comedy movie "Bride Fight". In 2016, in addition to starring in the costume fantasy movie "Qi Men Dunjia", Ni Ni also starred in the 3D fantasy action adventure movie "Warrior's Gate" and the romance film "28-year-old underage". In 2017, starred in the costume drama "Phoenix Power · Yitianxia".