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Liu Lin
FemaleCast1974-04-11168cmChinese Mainland
"Films: 1993 ""By the High Building"" as Zhong Xiao Mei, 1994 ""The Phantom Lover"" as Lan Die, 1998 ""Seventeen Years"" as Du Lan, 1999 ""Roaring Across the Horizon"" as Ma Lan, 2000 ""To Be with You Forever"" as Xiang Jingyu, 2001 ""Plain Shots"" as Su Jianmei, 2002 ""Polar Rouge"" as Tang Ying. Dramas: 1997 ""Humen Bridge"" as Cheng Baihe, 1998 ""A Tale of Two Donkeys"" as Jia Li, 1999 ""Soul Without Home"" as Yan Wenqing, 2001 ""City Women"" as Xiang Ru, 2002 ""Cadre"" as Lu Di, 2003 ""Paradise Beneath Your Feet"" as Jiang Qun, 2003 ""Dream Valley"" as Sun Hui, 2003 ""Perfect"" as Zhou Xiaoling, 2004 ""Camphor Tree"" as Du Ni, 2004 ""Four And A Half Weeks Before Marriage"" a Han Bing"