Liu Hai Bo
MaleDirector1975-04-21Chinese Mainland
Liu Hai Bo is a director from the mainland of China who graduated from the Acting Department of Shanghai Theatre Academy. In 2001, he directed his first television series "Four Marshals". In 2004, he directed the martial arts costume drama "The Four Detective Guards". In 2010, he directed the revolutionary drama "The 7th Corps of the Red Army". In 2013, he directed the urban romantic drama "Hot Mom!". In 2016, he won the Magnolia Award for Best Director in the 23rd Shanghai Television Festival for his urban drama "Chinese Style Relationship". In 2017, he directed the costume drama "The Rise of Phoenixes". In the same year, he directed the contemporary drama "In Law We Believe". In December, he directed the period drama "The Love of Hypnosis". In 2018, he directed the contemporary television series "People's Property". In the same year, he served as chief director for the costume drama "Renascence".