Ji Jin-Hee,Ji JinHee,Ji Jin Hee
MaleCast1971-06-23178cmSouth Korea
Ji Jin-Hee is an actor from South Korea. In 1998, he entered the entertainment industry as an actor. He also wears the number 23 as a player in the celebrity baseball team in Korea. In 2003, he played the male lead Min Jeong-ho in the drama "Jewel in the Palace," winning a lot of love from female viewers. He was given the nickname "Master Min." He garnered attention throughout Asia through this role, and the drama's average viewership even surpassed 57.8%, winning the honor of the "Nation's Drama." Ji Jin-Hee became one of South Korea's hottest actors because of this drama. In 2004, he won the Excellence Award for Actor in a Drama Special at the SBS Drama Awards with the drama "Ms. Kim's Million Dollar Quest."