Gung-Min Nam,NamKoong Min,NamGoong Min
MaleCast1980-03-12179cmSouth Korea
NamKoong Min started his acting career in 2001 with small supporting roles in the films "Bungee Jumping of Their Own" and "Bad Guy". Since then, he has become popular through "Dae Bak Family", "Rose Fence", "Pearl Necklace", "My Lovely Family", "My Rosy Life", "A Dirty Carnival" and "One Fine Day". He has a friendly appearance reminiscent of Bae Yong Jun and Kim Jae Won, which is one of the reasons why gained popularity quickly. In addition, he also appeared in the COOL's music video "The Seventh Dwarf Who Fell in Love with Snow White". He was also the host of the variety show "NamKoong Min's Café".