Elane Zhong
FemaleCast1993-03-18168cmChinese Mainland
Elane Zhong is an actress from Mainland China. In 2013, she garnered attention through Hunan TV's weekly drama "OB-Gyns" and started her acting career. Elane cooperated with director Chiang Ka-chun for the second time in 2014 and acted in the urban drama "Love is Back." In 2015, aside from taking part in the motivational drama "Circle of Friends," she also made a guest appearance in "A Detective Housewife," a drama set in the early Republic of China. In 2016, Elane Zhong acted in the legendary drama "Huang Fei Hong." In the same year, she also played the female lead Guan Xin in her first work on the big screen, "Dude's Manual." She also played the lead role in the emotional drama "Long Time No See." In 2017, she led the youth literary film "Youth," directed by Feng Xiaogang.