Duan Yihong
MaleCast1973-05-16177cmChinese Mainland
Duan Yi Hong is an actor from Mainland China. He graduated from The Central Academy of Drama as a Performing Arts major. In 1998, Yi Hong started working at the National Theater of China. In 1999, he played a role in the drama "The True Colors of Criminal Police." In 2003, he acted in "Summer Palace," a film directed by Lou Ye. That same year, he won Best Actor at the Delhi International Film Festival with his role in the movie "Drifters." He shot to fame in 2006 with his performance as Yuan Lang in the television drama "Soldiers Sortie." In 2009, he played the role of Long Wenzhang in the drama "My Chief and My Regiment." In 2011, he starred in the movie "White Deer Plain," directed by Wang Quan'an. In the same year, he won the Golden Phoenix Award at the 13th China Film Society Of Performing Art Awards with his performance in the film "Wind Blast." He played a lead role in the drama "Meng's Palace," which was broadcast in December 2013. On January 19, 2015, he performed at the Chinese New Year Gala on CCTV, singing the song "The Great Descendants of China." On June 21, he won Best Actor at the 18th Shanghai International Film Festival for his role in the film "The Dead End." On March 31, 2017, his action and crime film "Extraordinary Mission" premiered on the big screen. On November 3, he won Best Actor at the 30th Tokyo International Film Festival, making him the first Mainland Chinese actor to win Best Actor at major international film festivals twice.