Ding Yi Yi
FemaleCast1998-02-27Chinese Mainland
Ding Yi Yi, born in 1998, is an actress from Mainland China. She graduated from Beijing Dance Academy. In January 2019, the inspirational youth film "Billiard Girl", in which she played the female character Ling Chun, was broadcasted and won the Best Actress Award. In February 2019, she starred in the romantic comedy theatrical film "Love in 50 Meters" she starred in was released. She also starred in the modern drama "Broker", playing the second female Qiu Jiaxin. In December, she played the double roles of Xiao Siong Lan and Jiang Qing Yun in the youth romance drama "Dear Herbal Lord". In June 2020, she played the role of Tian Tian De in the dreamy light-hearted drama "Sweet Sweet".