Cute,Wing Kiu
FemaleCast, Singer, Host1971-07-02175cmChinese Mainland
Wing Kiu is a Chinese female model, actress, host, singer, multi-performer, and spokesperson of internationally famous brands. Growing up with a love for literature and the arts, she studied drama at the Hunan Provincial Theatre School. In 1990, she won the second runner-up in the Second China Fashion Art Performance Competition. She has been in many films such as "Don't Ask Me Where I Come From" and "Love Fool". She is 5'5" tall, youthful and energetic, with a beautiful, European appearance. Her first film was "Don't Ask Me Where I'm From", and after that, she appeared in a number of films such as "Three Daring Daughters", "Stand Up, Don't Bend Over", "Infatuated Woman" and "Love Fool". Due to her height and appearance limitations, the roles she played were almost identical. All of them were urban modern women, cheerful, beautiful, and fashionable. Although she has a certain amount of popularity, it is largely due to the glory of being a model.