AlanYu,Yu Meng Long
MaleCast, Singer1988-06-15183cmChinese Mainland
Yu Meng Long (Alan) is a Chinese actor, singer, and music video director. He graduated from Beijing Institute of Performing Arts. In 2010, he directed singer Deanna Ding's music video for her single "61 Seconds." In 2011, he made his acting debut in the short film "The Little Prince." In 2013, he competed in "Super Boy" again, this time entering emerging as one of the Top 10 contestants in the final round. The same year, he released his first single titled "Just Nice." In 2014, he published his photobook "Gift Meets Yu Meng Long." He also received the Best Independent Film award at the 4th International Micro Film Festival for University. In 2015, he acted in the historical web drama "Go Princess Go." The same year, he released his first album "Toy." In 2017, he starred in the hit fantasy-romance drama "Eternal Love." He then starred in the fantasy-action drama "Xuan-Yuan Sword: Han Cloud," period drama "The Fated General," and "All Out of Love." On January 1, 2017, he released his first solo mini album "Yu Meng Long." In February, he starred in the modern youth drama "Who's Not Rebellious Youth." In July, he won the Most Popular All-Rounded Artist award at the Asian Music Gala. In September, he won the New Artist Award at the Weibo TV Online Video Award Ceremony. In November, he starred in the youth drama "Unstoppable Youth." In 2018, he starred in the ancient mythological drama "The Legend of White Snake." In March, he won the Quality New Star Award at the 3rd China Television Drama Quality Ceremony.