Bai Lu
FemaleCast,Model1994-09-23Chinese Mainland
Bai Lu, whose real name is Bai Mengyan, was born in Changzhou of Jiangsu province on September 23, 1994. She is an actress and model in the Chinese mainland. In July 2016, Bai Lu starred in Lu Hu's solo MV "The Message". In September of the same year, she played a role in her first TV drama "Sunsong", thus formally entering entertainment world. In 2017, Bai Lu appeared in "Untouchable Lovers", a costume drama directed by Wai Chu Lee. In the drama, she played two roles, namely the female general Huo Xuan and the merciless and unscrupulous concubine Le Wen. In June, Bai Lu played Wu Shuang, a beautiful yet arrogant monster hunter in the TV drama "Monkey King 3 Kingdom of Women". In August of the same year, she starred in "King is not Easy", a dimensional romantic comedy written by Yu Zheng. In the drama, she played a naughty yet pretty cook Da Xi, and meanwhile, she also sang the theme song "Here is the Order" for the drama. In the same year, she starred in the costume drama "The Legends" and played the overbearing Lu Zhaoyao. In 2018, she starred in the urban love and idol drama "Lucky's First Love" and played Xing Yun, a bright, enterprising, smart and capable office lady in it. In December of the same year, she was given the "potential actress award" for starring in "Untouchable Lovers". She played Xie Xiang as a lead role in "Arsenal Military Academy", which was aired on August 6, 2019. In October, she was shortlisted as candidates in web drama for the "Actor of China Award". In November 21, she played Jiang Jun in the urban love and idol drama "Love is Sweet", which was premiered in September 2020. On October 1, she participated in the "Picturesque Landscape National Day Concert" of 2020 China Central Radio and Television Station and sang the song "Boys" with some other singers. On October 20, the online voting results of "The 7th Actors of China" event organized by the Actors Committee of China Television Artists Association were announced, and Bai Lu was honored as "excellent actress (network actress)". On October 23, "Jiu Liu Overlord", a costume drama starring Bai Lu was released. In the drama, she played Long Aoyi, an overlord in Jianghu.