Ji Chang Wook,지창욱,チ・チャンウク
MaleCast1987-07-05South Korea
Ji Chang Wook, born on July 5, 1987 in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, is a Korean actor. Graduated from Dankook University, Department of Drama and Film. Currently a graduate student in the Department of Performing Arts of Dankook University. He made his official debut in 2007 with the movie "Sleeping Beauty", and received attention in 2009 for playing Song Meifeng, the youngest son in the TV series "Sons of Song Pharmacy"[1]. In 2011, he won the KBS Acting Awards Japanese Drama Department Outstanding Acting Award for the role of the East Sea portrayed in "Laugh, East Sea" [2]; in the same year, he appeared in the first costume drama "Samurai Bai Dongxiu" and won the SBS Acting Awards Newcomer Award. In 2013, with the role of Emperor Tuo Huan of the Yuan Dynasty portrayed in "Queen of Qi", he won the "Men's Excellent Acting Award" in the special planning department of MBC Acting Awards, and his strength was well recognized and he became famous [3]. In 2014, he starred in the TV series "Healer" and won the KBS Acting Awards Male Popularity Award and the Best CP Award for his role as Xu Zhenhou. On October 29, 2015, it officially signed a music business development contract with the Chinese record company Mengxiang of course, and held a press conference and a new song premiere in Beijing[4]. In November, he went to Shanghai, China to film the TV series "My God" [5]. In 2016, he went to Changsha, China to film the TV series "Tornado Girl 2" [6]. In 2016, the Korean TV drama "THE K2" was filmed in August [7], on February 9, 2017, the first starring movie "The Fabricated City" was released in South Korea [8], with Kwon Yoo nominated for the 53rd Baeksang Best New Actor in Film Department of Art Awards[9]. On May 10, 2017, the starring Korean romantic comedy "Strange Partner" was broadcast in South Korea[10]. On August 14, 2017, he will formally enlist in the army as active duty. [11]