Lee Kwang Soo,Lee Kwang-Soo,Lee KwangSoo
MaleCast1985-07-14190cmSouth Korea
TV series: 2008 MBC Japanese and Japanese drama "He is Coming" 2009 MBC Japanese and Japanese drama "Highkick through the roof" 2010 MBC moon fire drama "Tong Yi" 2011SBS Mizuki drama "City Hunter" Movie works: In 2011, "Pyongyang City" participated in variety shows: 090808 "Introducing a Celebrity Friend" Male guest: Lee Kyuhan, Ren Seyong, Huang Cancheng, Lee Teuk, Lee Kwang-soo, female guest: Baek Eun-hye, Kim Bomi, Parklan, Han Xueer, Oh Do-eun 100315 "Come and play" Theme: National Friends Special Guest: Lee Kwang-soo Brian Prodigy Julian kang, Sam Hammington, Yeongdo Haichi (Robert Holley), Ji Tiantian 20100413 "Strong Heart" 20100420 "Strong Heart" 2010.7.11~ Today, one of the fixed MC advertisements of the weekend entertainment program "Running Man" on SBS TV in South Korea: 2008 KTF SHOW 2008 HAPPY POINT Credit Card 2009 Anycall haptic 2010 Seafood Ramen 2010 LG cyon