‎E JiAh,E.Jiah,Lee Ji-Ah,Lee JiAh,Lee Ji Ah
FemaleCast1977-02-02168cmSouth Korea
Lee Ji Ah is a Korean actress. Originally an art student specializing in art design, she made her acting debut in the fantasy television series starring "Sujini" opposite Bae Yong Joon in 2008, which attracted attention. Work experience In 2007, "Story of the First King's Four Gods", which began to be broadcasted through MBC on June 25th, first revealed Lee Ji Ah, the actress who played the role of "Sujini” with the Asian entertainer Bae Yong Joon who casted the role of the King of Gwanggaeto. The role of "Sujini” in "Story of the First King's Four Gods" was chosen among quite well-known actresses such as Kim Tae Hee and Ha Ji Won. Director Kim Jong-hak believes that the conformity of the role is more important than the popularity. So during the audition of newcomers, it is Lee Ji Ah, who has no acting experience, won the attention of Kim Jong-hak. Director Kim Jong-hak, who has auditioned for more than 30 times, praised Lee Ji Ah, "She is an actress with Shim Eun Ha's beauty and Ko Hyun Jung temperament", "The straightforward and generous Lee Ji Ah is very similar to the heroine Sujini in the play". The TV series "Story of the First King's Four Gods" is a historical production full of mythological features, telling a sad love story. Damdeok's favorite woman, Sujini, is the reincarnation of a woman from the bear clan. She has the power of fire due to Hwan-woong and becomes Hwan-woong's wife, forming a triangle love affair with Damdeok (Bae Yongjoon) and Kajin (Moon So-ri). Sujini is a figure who has the feeling of a goddess and a female warrior. She is Damdeok's beloved lover and a facilitator who helps Nee accomplish his ambition. Lee Ji-ah became the heroine of a super-special TV series with a total cost of 43 billion won, opposite to the superstar Bae Yongjoon's opponent. She was originally an art student specializing in art design. She can speak English fluently. She not only desires to be an actress, but also cherishes the dream of realizing an artistic world with her own characteristics. Director Kim also described Lee Ji-ah that "She has the natural colors of art students. She is so charismatic that you cannot praise her in a few words", "She can understand the script and the characters very well, and has a clear mind.” She is not only quite beautiful, but also has the surprising adaptability and concentration on the shooting site. Lee Ji-ah will become another "famous actress" explored by director Kim Jong-hak, and will be a highlight of "Story of the First King's Four Gods". Individual work TV series 2007 MBC Mizuki drama "Story of the First King's Four Gods" (?????) starred Sujini, Sai Ao (Xiwu); 2008 MBC Mizuki drama "Beethoven Virus" starred Du Ru-mi (with Kim Myung Min, Jang Keun Suk); 2009 SBS weekend drama "Style" as Lee Seo-jung (with Kim Hye Soo, Ryu Si-won, Lee Yong-woo); 2010 SBS TV drama "Athena: Goddess of War" as Han Jae-hee (with Jung Woo-sung, Cha Seung-won, Soo Ae, Choi Si-won); Movie 2009: Starred Wang So-jung (with Kang Ji-hwan) in the movie "The Relation of Face, Mind and Love" in 2009. Advertising endorsement for Lotte Anytime Candy in 2007. Endorsement for LOTTERIA restaurant in 2007. LG life and health cosmetics brand "ISAKNOX" in 2007-2008. The spokesperson of Dressed To Kill Jeans (With So Ji Sub) in 2008; 2010, Barbie Brown Lipstick. Achievement and Honors 2007 MBC Drama Awards--Best New Actress, Popularity Award, Actress, Best Couple Award with Bae Yong-joon. 44th Baeksang Arts Awards, Best New Actress (TV).